Divisional Secretary

Name  Mrs. E.A.S. Edirisinghe
Qualification BSc Management
Work history

 Galnewa Divisional Secretariat

 Ipalogama Divisional Secretariat

Assistant Divisional Secretary 

 ad sec Name Mrs. H.B.M.W.H.K. Abeysinghe

Bachelor of Science

Work history

Management Assistant (Provincial) Pradeeshiya Sabha of Pathahewaheta

Management Assistant, Municipal Council, Kandy

Assistant Director of  Department of Weavers', Central Province

Assistant Director of Central Province Agriculture Ministry


 IMG 8916 Name Mrs. T.H.G.D.N. Priyadharshani
Qualification Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resources)
work History

Pulic Public Management Assistant at Labour Department

Pulic Public Management Assistant at Mallawapitiya

Accountant of Ambanpola

Assistant Director (Planning)

  AD Name Mr. S.A. Dunukepotha

B.A. (Hons) Sp in Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma in Writership and Communication

work History Finance Ministry

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

   20181211 110617 Name  Mr. T.M.W. Thennakoon
Qualification  Limited Examination (Administrative Officer) 2006
work History

 Divisional Secretariat, Mawathagama

Divisional Secretariat, Bingiriya

Divisional Secretariat, Mallawapitiya


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