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Man's daily life and its processes can be characterized as disasters and hazards, and the direct and indirect effects of natural and indirect influences, when not unexpectedly reported to man, are disastrous.

It is a special feature of this disaster management program to formulate a safety program so as to minimize the impact of disasters on such disasters and to manage it in a timely manner,
     I.  Prepared early disaster management.
    II. Disaster management.
   III.Post disaster management or follow up.
The three main themes are stretched long way

purposes :-
Providing reliefs for natural and emergency disasters that occur within the Divisional Secretary Division of Mawathagama divisional secretariat.

Characteristic disasters: -
Wild elephant attack, Drought, Floods, Cyclone, mudslides, landslides and firefighting.

Effective Programs: -
A special program for disaster management is a Divisional secretariat.
    I.  Establishment of Regional and Rural Disaster Management Committees
   II. Establishment of Relief Service Committees
  III.Focus on safe places.

How to get relief: -
After the disaster is over prior to the disaster, man must first focus on safe areas and ensure their vitality. They must then fulfill the daily needs of meeting the social and cultural needs (long-term). For that,
    I.   Providing cooking food and dry rations.
   II.  Delivering the necessary outfit.
  III. Providing insurance funds for house damages.
  IV. Providing kitchen furniture.
   V.  Granting of self employment assistance.
 VI. Payments for deaths and physical damages caused by natural disasters.

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New Divisional Secretary assuming duties

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