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To Provide excellent service to the public

Our Mission

To provide a service to the public in the Divisional Secretariat to comply with the Government policies of well managing resources

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 History of Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat

 Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat was opened don 01-02-1969 as the Divisional Revenue Officer's (DRO). The Office of the existing Ayurveda Dispensary in front of the Mawarthagama Pradeshiya Sabha was established. It has 36 Grama Sewa Divisions including 04 divisions belonging to the Hiriyala area. Mr W.S. Hulugalle was the first Revenue Officer. Mr B.P. Rajapaksha as the Chief Clerk and 5 clerks have also worked as a bicycle messenger. There is an opinion that Matha Goddess (Paththini) home village known as Mawathagama. On A visit to the King Wimaradharmasooriya Rev father has built a mosque in a resting place. It was built in 1899 and today  Mawathagama Roman Catholic School was established there.

Historical Background

***  Inguruwatta Tempita Viharaya

Tempita Viharaya belonging to Kandy era.There are no written proof of this and there are valuable statues and fresco paintings.

*** Digampitiya Tempita Viharaya

 It is a temple which belongsf to the era belongs to the era in the Grama Niladhari Division. This place was taken over by the Department of Archeology.

Role performed at DS

W.S. Hulugalla 1968 1970
Siripala Medawala 1970 1975
A.M.L.B. Polgolla 1975 1976
E.E.S. Edirisinghe 1977 1977
W. Godawela (acting) 1977 1979
Nimal Aththudawa 1979 1981
D.M.P.B. Dasanayake 1981 1991
H.M. Gunathilake 1992 1993
H.P.B.P. Hiyarapitiya 1994 1999
R.M.S.B. Rathnayake 2000 2002
R.M.P.B. Rajapaksha 2000 2002
Ashoka Swarnalatha 2002 2007
Nimal Kotawalagedara 2007  
U.G.R. Ariyarathne 2007 2010
Nimal Kotawalagedara 2010 2010
E.M.M.S. Ekanayake 2010 2015
M.M.A.B. Mahawaththe 2015 2018
E.A.S. Edirisinghe 2018-11-01  

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