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To provide a service to the public in the Divisional Secretariat to comply with the Government policies of well managing resources

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History of Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat

Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat is located on the southern corner of the south pole of Kurunegala District in the North Western Province. Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat is bounded, North by Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat, South by Ridigama Divisional Secretariat and West by Mallawapitiya Divisional Secretariat. The extent of the division is 107.5 square kilometers. Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat Division consists of 71 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

The Division is spread out in the both sides of Kurunegala Kandy main road. It has been divided for  three Koralas of Weuda, Gandahaya and Gannawaya for the administrative convenience.

Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat was opened on 01-02-1969 as the Divisional Revenue Officer's (DRO). In the olden days this Office existed in front of Ayurveda Dispensary. It has 36 Grama Sewa Divisions including 04 divisions belonging to the Hiriyala area. Mr W.S. Hulugalle was the first Revenue Officer. Mr B.P. Rajapaksha as the Chief Clerk and 5 clerks have also worked a bicycle messenger. There is an opinion that Matha Goddess (Paththini) home village known as Mawathagama. On a visit to the King Wimaradharmasooriya, his father has built a mosque in a resting place. It was built in 1899 and today  Mawathagama Roman Catholic School was established there.

Historical Background

  • Weuda Kuruwalena Viharaya

Wewuda Kuruwalena temple was built by King Walagamba. Makulana Raja Maha Viharaya, a spectacular rock in Mawathagama - Barandandana road built on the basis of the Hirigadu Seeya in Trincomalee by the inhabitants of Dappula. The Makulana Raja Maha Viharaya was built in order to provide the king with special protection for the king. This is a well-known temple in the island.

  • Inguruwatta Tempita Viharaya

Tempita Viharaya belonging to Kandy era.There are no written proof of this and there are valuable statues and fresco paintings.

  • Digampitiya Tempita Viharaya

It is a temple which belongsf to the era belongs to the era in the Grama Niladhari Division. This place was taken over by the Department of Archeology.

The influence of the Dutch and English Governments in Mawathagama and in parallel, there was a muslim religious revival. Begining of  English court system for the administration of justic, Pilessa Court was built as a historical event. It's now functioning. The main source of water supplying of  the city of Kurunegala is situated at Handurukkanda mountain in Mawathagama Area.

The main livelihoods of the people more than 80%  are farming and paddy cultivation. Compared to the Yala and Maha season there can be a labor problem as well as water shortage in agricultural production. In 2017/2018 there was 1185 hectares  in Maha season and it is limited to 1168 hectares in Yala season. The main land crops are coconut, rubber, plantains, Rambutans and jak  and they can be seen everywhere. Particularly, Medamagegoda,Wambugamgoda, Meepallegama area is identified as "Rambutan village". Also, it is possible to see the Avacado and rose apple trees as a part of the division.

Mawathagama Division  is one of the big factories in the factory. Foundation Garment Industries, There are more than 91 servants at Timex Garment, Unichella (pvt) Ltd. The total number of employees in the factories is 6166. The Wayamba Print Pack has 91 employees. About 132 people work at United Brewerylanka (Pvt) Ltd. Tobacco Processing employs are more 30. Most of these factories produce garments. Wayamba Print Pack prints bags. United Breweries (Pvt) Ltd. produces beer. These factories are running with young people in the area as well as people from distance ares . Employment opportunities in such factories will solve the employment problem of the youth in the area.

                                                                                Divisional Secretaries who have served since 1968

Name of Divisional Secretary From To
W.S. Hulugalla 1968 1970
Siripala Medawala 1970 1975
A.M.L.B. Polgolla 1975 1976
E.E.S. Edirisinghe 1977 1977
W. Godawela (acting) 1977 1979
Nimal Aththudawa 1979 1981
D.M.P.B. Dasanayake 1981 1991
H.M. Gunathilake 1992 1993
H.P.B.P. Hiyarapitiya 1994 1999
R.M.S.B. Rathnayake 2000 2002
R.M.P.B. Rajapaksha 2000 2002
Ashoka Swarnalatha 2002 2007
Nimal Kotawalagedara 2007 2007 
U.G.R. Ariyarathne 2007 2010
Nimal Kotawalagedara 2010 2010
E.M.M.S. Ekanayake 2010 2015
M.M.A.B. Mahawaththe 2015 2018
E.A.S. Edirisinghe 2018 2020
D.P.S.Kumara 2020 Today

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New Divisional Secretary assuming duties

New Divisional Secretary assuming duties

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